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BAYONET TYPE Fluid Connector BT-12

  • Model Number:
  • Connection:
  • Application:
    Pipe Lines Connect
  • Color:
    Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Silver
  • Working Temperature:
  • Alternating humidity and heat:
    240 hours
  • Salt spray test:
    ≥ 168 hours
  • Mating Cycle:
    1000 times of plugging
  • Body material:
    Brass nickel plating, aluminum alloy, stainless steel
  • Sealing material:
    Nitrile, EPDM, fluorosilicone, fluorine-carbon
  • Vibration test:
    GJB360B-2009 method 214
  • Impact test:
    GJB360B-2009 method 213
  • Warranty:
    1 year

(1) Two-way sealing, Switch on/off without leakage. (2) Please select pressure release version to avoid high pressure of the equipment after disconnection. (3) Fush, flat face design is easy to clean and prevents contaminants from entering. (4) Protective covers are provided to prevent contaminants from entering during transportation.

Plug Item No. Plug interface


Total length L1


Interface length L3(mm) Maximum diameter ΦD1(mm) Interface form
BST-BT-12PALER2M22 2M22 84 15 40 2M22X1.5 external thread
BST-BT-12PALER2M24 2M24 79 19 40 2M24X1.5 external thread
BST-BT-12PALER2M27 2M27 78 20 40 2M27X1.5 external thread
BST-BT-12PALER2G12 2G12 80 14 40 G1/2 external thread
BST-BT-12PALER2J78 2J78 84 19.3 40 JIC 7/8-14 external thread
BST-BT-12PALER2J1116 2J1116 86.9 21.9 40 JIC 1 1/16-12 external thread
BST-BT-12PALER312.7 312.7 90.5 28 40 Connect 12.7mm inner diameter hose clamp
BST-BT-12PALER319 319 92 32 40 Connect 19mm inner diameter hose clamp
BST-BT-12PALER52M22 52M22 80 15 40 90°+M22x1.5 external thread
Plug Item No. Plug interface


Total length L2


Interface length L4(mm) Maximum diameter ΦD2(mm) Interface form
BST-BT-12SALER2M27 2M27 75 20 40 M27X1.5 external thread
BST-BT-12SALER2G12 2G12 69 14 40 G1/2 external thread
BST-BT-12SALER2J78 2J78 74.3 19.3 40 JIC 7/8-14 external thread
BST-BT-12SALER2J1116 2J1116 76.9 21.9 40 JIC 1 1/16-12 external thread
BST-BT-12SALER312.7 312.7 82.5 28 40 Connect 12.7mm inner diameter hose clamp
BST-BT-12SALER43535 43535 75 - 40 Flange type, threaded hole position 35x35
BST-BT-12SALER43636 43636 75 - 40 Flange type, threaded hole position 36x36
BST-BT-12SALER601 601 75 20 40 Flange type, threaded hole position 35x35+M27x1.5 external thread
BST-BT-12SALER602 602 75 20 40 Flange type, threaded hole position 35x35+M27x1.5 external thread
BST-BT-12SALER603 603 73 18 40 Flange type, threaded hole position 42x42+M22x1.5 external thread
dixon quick coupling

Introducing the bayonet fluid connector BT-12, the latest innovation in fluid transfer technology. This cutting-edge connector is designed to transfer fluids easily and efficiently in a variety of applications, from industrial manufacturing to automotive maintenance. Bayonet Fluid Connector BT-12 features a unique bayonet locking mechanism that ensures every connection is secure and leak-free. This innovative design makes connector installation quick and easy, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of liquid spills and contamination.

quick connect coupling

The BT-12 is constructed from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance in even the most demanding environments, giving you peace of mind and long-lasting durability. With its universal compatibility, BT-12 is suitable for use with a variety of fluids, including oils, fuels and lubricants. Whether you're in an industrial setting or working on your car at home, this versatile connector is the perfect tool for all your fluid transfer needs.

quick release coupling

In addition to its practical design, the BT-12 is also designed with safety in mind. Its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, while the bayonet locking system ensures a secure connection that won't come loose during operation. This extra level of safety and ease of use makes the BT-12 a top choice among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. In terms of efficiency and reliability, the bayonet fluid connector BT-12 stands out as the ultimate solution for fluid transmission. Its innovative design, durable construction and universal compatibility make it ideal for a variety of industries and applications. Say goodbye to cumbersome connectors and confusing fluid transfers - experience the ease and convenience of the BT-12 today.